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Utilization Review is a great option for those who want to use their license without the additional time and money spent on yet another expensive degree or certification!

  • The only Utilization Review course created EXCLUSIVELY by someone working full-time in Utilization Review!

  • The information in this course has helped multiple clinicians get job offers in Utilization Review!

  • The only Utilization Review course to offer continuing education units (pending approval)!

Course Walk Through


“I know I wouldn't have received my job offer without Phillip's help and continued support. He helped open up so many opportunities, and I am looking forward to living a life I've always dreamed of!”

Ashlee B.

“I had applied multiple times before Phillip helped with feedback on my resume. His suggestions helped me significantly. He also prepared me for the interview. I felt very confident for my interview. I appreciate all your help, Phillip!”

Ruchi S.

“Phillip provided really helpful feedback for my resume. After applying for 7 positions, his suggestions for my resume and helpful interview advice got me a job offer! I'm so lucky to have "met" him, and I appreciate all of his help!”

Ashley K

“I really believe it was the interview prep that helped me make a strong impression with the manager and get the offer.”

Andi J.

“Phillip’s interview prep was invaluable. If you are serious about seeking a change to a non-clinical career, I highly recommend Phillip’s services.”

Kamari G.

“Phillip helped me restructure my resume in order to gain more attention for the jobs I was applying. It helped me in getting more interviews and successfully obtaining the position I wanted!”

Amy R.

Course curriculum

    1. What is Utilization Review ?

    2. Why do we need Utilization Review?

    3. Who hires for Utilization Review?

    4. What job titles/roles are used for Utilization Review?

    5. Appeals and Denials Coordinator (ADC)

    6. Cross-Market Care Coordinator (CMCC)

    7. Home Health Care Coordinator (HHCC)

    8. Pre-Service Coordinator (PSC)

    9. Skilled Inpatient Care Coordinator (SICC)

    10. Transitional Care Coordinator (TCC)

    11. What career paths exist for Utilization Review?

    12. Module 1 Practice Quiz

    1. Who Is CMS?

    2. What is medical necessity?

    3. What Are Guidelines for LTAC?

    4. What Are Guidelines for Inpatient Rehab?

    5. What Are Guidelines for SNF?

    6. What Are Guidelines for Home Health?

    7. What Are Guidelines for Appeals and Denials?

    8. CMS Continuing Education Courses

    9. Module 2 Practice Quiz

    1. Applying for Jobs

    2. Information for a job application

    3. Create a resume

    4. Using Jobscan

    5. Cover Letters

    6. Benefits of LinkedIn

    7. How to Create a LinkedIn Profile

    8. Persevere!

    1. Intro

    2. Keys to Success Before the Interview

    3. Virtual Interview Tips

    4. Keys to Success During the Interview

    5. Keys to Success After the Interview

    6. Preparing for Questions: Intro

    7. Preparing for Questions: Tell Me About Yourself

    8. Preparing for Questions: Why Do You Want to Leave Clinical Work

    9. Preparing for Questions: Why Should We Hire You

    10. Preparing for Questions: How Would (Title/Role) Describe You

    11. Preparing for Questions: What Do You Know About This Position

    12. Preparing for Questions: How Do You Handle Conflict

    13. Preparing for Questions: What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment

    14. Preparing for Questions: What Is Your Greatest Weakness

    15. Preparing for Questions: What Is Your Greatest Strength

    16. Preparing for Questions: What Is Your Salary Expectation

    17. Preparing for Questions: Case Example

    18. Preparing for Questions: Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

    19. Interview Final Recommendations

    1. Introduction

    2. Health and Insurance Benefits

    3. Retirement Benefits

    4. Additional Benefits

    5. Negotiation

    6. Final Decision

    1. Recommended Equipment

    2. Home Office Setup

    3. Easing the Transition to Nonclinical

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Bonus materials

  • Information to Obtain >17 Hours of FREE Continuing Education Courses

  • Resume Templates

    Options to create a resume that is Applicant Tracking System (ATS) friendly!

  • Bonus Modules on Utilization Review

    Including: Interviews with multiple clinicians who work in Utilization Review, and Frequently Asked Questions about Utilization Review.


Phillip Magee

Physical Therapist

After 14 years of clinical work as a Physical Therapist in home health, acute care, skilled nursing and acute inpatient rehab settings, I transitioned to nonclinical work as a full-time Pre-Service Coordinator for naviHealth. I know the struggle of submitting multiple applications without getting an interview, and I want to help those who seek to join the nonclinical world. My mission is to help clinicians effectively and successfully apply, interview, get hired and thrive in the nonclinical world! In my free time, I enjoy traveling with my family and making ice creams on my Ninja Creami.